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A beautiful capital and one of the most congested cities in the world due to its small size. Full of tourist attractions, beautiful shopping malls, niche markets and attractive surrounding islands
Manama, the capital of the Kingdom of Bahrain, with a population of more than 160,000 people to be its largest city. Although its population is relatively small in other capitals, but its small size (about 25 square kilometers) makes it one of the world's most densely populated cities. Manama is a coastal city on the northern coast of the Kingdom, the Bahrain Financial and Economic Center.
Manama was chosen as the capital of Arab tourism for the year 2013 under the slogan "Tourism enriches" after having spent 2012 as the capital of Arab culture. The year 2013 will include major tourism activities such as Bahrain Fine Arts Exhibition, Spring of Culture, Bahrain International Book Fair, Heritage Festival, Summer Bahrain, Youth Troupe and Bahrain International Music Festival.

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