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Isa Town

Isa Town is a city located in the southern province of the Kingdom of Bahrain in the northern central part of the country
Essa has a large number of newly built homes and is home to many educated middle class students in Bahrain. In the 2002 elections, it was one of the few areas in Bahrain that were not fully represented by the Islamists or the right in the House of Representatives with the victory of Abdel Nabi Salman from the Progressive Progressive Liberal Democratic Progressive Society, Jihad Bu Kamal. In the 2006 elections, the Islamists starred in the victory of Ibrahim al-Ahli and Salah Ali of the Association The National Islamic Platform at the expense of Ali Saleh and Munira Fakhro of the National Democratic Action Society.
The city of Isa was one of the twelve municipalities that formed in Bahrain after its separation from the Central Region Municipality in 1988 and then administratively to the central province in the nineties before the latter was abolished and includes the southern province in 2014

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