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Officially known as the Argentine Republic, is a state in South America, bordered by Chile from the west and south, Bolivia and Paraguay to the north, Brazil and Uruguay from the northeast. Argentina claims sovereignty over Antarctica, the Falkland Islands (Spanish: Malvinas), South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands. Argentina is a federation of 23 provinces, and the city of Buenos Aires is the capital and the largest city in the country. Argentina is the eighth largest country in terms of space, and the largest among Spanish-speaking countries. Argentina is a founding member of the United Nations and a member of Mercosur, the Union of South American States, the Ibero-American Organization, the Bank Group The World Trade Organization (WTO), one of the Group of 15 and the Group of 20 largest economies. Argentina is a regionally recognized force and an average force, Latin America's third-largest economy, with a very high HDI ranking. Argentina ranks fifth in the nominal GDP per capita of Latin American countries and the highest in purchasing power. Analysts note that the country has Is a strong basis for future growth due to the size of its market, FDI levels, its share of high-tech exports and its share of the total output of manufactured goods, classified by investors as emerging middle economies.

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