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Saudi Arabia takes the largest part of the Arabian peninsula, the cradle of Islam and Arabs bordered by Kuwait, Qatar, the UAE, Oman, Yemen, Jordan and Egypt.
Although the most impressive event in which it is associated is the Hajj season, Saudi Arabia has much more. It includes more than 600 literary and cultural events annually, 61 traditional art festivals and 44 drama festivals. Among these are the Janadriya Festival, camel and camel racing festivals, flower festivals in Riyadh and Jubail, the traditional Rose festival and perfumes, and the plastic and applied arts festivals. Taif, Priyd, Onaiza and Hail.
The Kingdom also includes thousands of archaeological sites that have been preserved and transported through different ages, travelers, passersby and visitors. These sites date back to prehistoric times, from antiquity to the Islamic and modern times, which are the most important evidence of the civilization of the Kingdom and the Arabian Peninsula. These sites range from archaeological sites that have been included to the UNESCO World Heritage List such as Al-Hajar (Madain Saleh), and other architectural sites that have been nominated as historical and religious Jeddah. A number of archaeological palaces are witness to prosperous historical periods, such as: the Palace of Abraham, the palace of Khuzam, the palace of Mard, the palace of ships, the palace of Hatem al-Ta'i, the palace of Al-Ridm and the palace of Ablaq.

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