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The ancient city of Sakaka is followed to Al-Jawf Province, which is located north of Saudi Arabia along its borders with the Kingdom of Jordan. Its climate is desert continental (cold in winter and hot in summer), summer temperatures may reach 42 degrees, and in January may fall to 2-7 degrees below zero. The Nafud Desert covers the southern part of the region, and at the northern part of it, we find the plain of the Sarhan valley stretching from Jordan to the south. A high plateau between Arar and Skaka falls in the valley between Skaka and Doma al-Jandal. Sakaka, like the rest of Al Jouf, has a long history It is one of the richest regions in the Kingdom with archeology, drawings, writings and construction. The tourism components of Sakaka and Al-Jouf area are good, a special location on the domestic tourism map. In addition to the fact that the city and the region are two tourist areas because of their monuments, there is also a very good tourist infrastructure such as roads, hotels, parks, tourist attractions and commercial markets. The most prominent monuments in the city of Sakaka come back to a variety of previous periods, the most important of which are: Zaabal Palace, Tell al-Saa'i, the ruins of Rajajil and Jabal Prince. And the well of Sisra and Ghar Hazrat and the effects of the village of Al-Tuwair Castle Al-Tuwair

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