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Over one million people live in this mountainous city, Taif, which lies on the eastern slopes of the Sarawat Mountains. It rises from the surface of the sea 1700 m. Taif is the main road junction from the south, north, east and west. As a result, it has emerged as a tourist, commercial, agricultural and military city since ancient times. Taif has become the official summer capital of the UAE, welcoming delegations and conferences from Saudi Arabia and abroad. The history of Taif dates back to the birth of the Prophet Jesus (the Messiah), the son of Mary, although the historians do not agree, and some say that its history dates back to the period of the Prophet Abraham. Still, what Taif is still numbered on the oldest cities in the world. The tourists love it from all over the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and from the Gulf countries, especially in the summer, because of its climate, which some describe as wonderful and super-descriptive. In the summer, fruit is abundant and weddings are held every day. In addition to its very beautiful climate and strategic location, Taif has a large number of archaeological and tourist sites, most notably palaces, mosques, inscriptions and dams. Including the Halima Saadia Mosque, Abdallah Bin Abbas Mosque, the historic Souq Okaz, the historic Shoubra Palace, the Archaeological Walking Trail and Bani Saad, where a village is believed to be the original home of Abu Zeid Hilali. Al-Taif has a unique architectural style, with unusual features: the construction of its houses and houses is similar, and its facades are covered with rugs, carpentry and wooden windows with decoration and architectural motifs. Among the palaces of Taif are the beautiful and distinctive Shoubra Palace, Beit Al Ka'aki, Bayt Al-Kateb, Bayt Al-Qama and others. It is famous for its old shops and well-known commercial booths, as well as museums, galleries and good libraries. Among the beautiful tourist activities that can be seen in Taif, Taif Summer Festival, Okaz Market, Qataf Al Ward Festival, Taif Winter Festival, Not to mention equestrian races in King Khalid Square. It is connected to Makkah, which is 68 kilometers away. The first is through the mountains of Kara, called Aqqat al-Hada, which is 68 km long and the other is through the Great Nile.

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